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Aleko Peipsi

Guidelines for Dual-Hand Operation of the MyotonPRO Device

Aleko Peipsi  posted 17 days ago
For precise and efficient use of the MyotonPRO device, a dual-hand operation technique is recommended. This approach improves control over the device's measurement position, enhancing both stability and convenience of measurements.
The measurement position's axial range is 3.0mm wide, necessitating good control. To facilitate this, gently hold the device with your dominant hand and perform micro-adjustments using your wrist. Simultaneously support and stabilize your dominant arm using your other hand, ensuring that the device remains steady within the required range.

For accurate positioning, the MyotonPRO device is equipped with three indicators:
1. Green Probe Light: Indicates when you are entering or leaving the measurement position.
2. Probe Marker: A 3mm-wide marker on the probe serves as a visual guide to the measurement postion.
3. On-screen Instructions: Clear instructions such as 'Move into position!', 'Hold position!', and 'Move back!' to assist in the measurement process.
While conducting measurements, it is important to keep focus on contact between the probe and the skin to avoid any lateral movement. Simultaneously, make use of the green light and the probe marker as guides for axial position of the device. This approach not only helps in maintaining proper contact between the probe and the skin but also facilitates convenient axial control of the measurement position.

Note: For optimal results, aim to position the device so that the probe marker is halfway exposed at the probe opening, indicating the center of the measurement range.
Employing the described technique ensures effective and precise operation of the MyotonPRO device, contributing to the utmost reliability of the results.
The accompanying images illustrate this instruction.

Aleko Peipsi

Creating a New Database in Myoton Software

Aleko Peipsi  posted 21 days ago
Creating a new database in Myoton software is a straightforward process! Follow these simple steps, as illustrated in the accompanying screenshot:
1. Open Myoton Software: Launch the application on your computer.
2. Open Connected Database Location: Click on the Database icon located on the main toolbar.
3. Rename Connected Database: Modify the existing database name to suit your project and click OK. These steps allow you to create as many databases as needed, for example, one for each project.

´╗┐Database Name: Choose a name that reflects your project title. It allows you to keep measurement results from different projects separate, enhancing data management.
Flexibility and Efficiency: You can easily switch between databases as needed. Additionally, the Myoton software offers the capability to merge or combine multiple databases. This feature is particularly beneficial for multi-center studies, allowing you to consolidate sub-databases from various sites into one comprehensive database. This step may be beneficial before conducting final data analysis and statistics.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively organize your data in the Myoton software, enhancing your workflow, allowing the software to operate with smaller database sizes. Moreover, it is also safer to keep different projects in separate database files.
Aleko Peipsi

Standardization aspects

Aleko Peipsi  posted 27 days ago
Standardization of the measurement conditions is important for maximizing the reliability and repeatability of the results.
Here are some aspects to follow:
Skeletal muscles and tendons should be measured at full rest (EMG signal silent);Preferably, the subject should be in a lying position to ensure full relaxation and consistent repeatability between sessions.Schedule measurement sessions before, rather than after, any interventions or physical exercise.Conduct measurements at room temperature for optimal results;Ensure consistent identification of anatomical measurement points in interest;Avoid physical contact with the tissue being measured (except the device probe);Avoid distractions during the measurement;Avoid tight clothing which may influence results;Minimize direct contact with the subject, allowing only necessary contact for operator and device stabilization;Make sure the device probe is held perpendicular to the skin surface;Ensure the device is gently held with both hands for optimal stabilization.
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