Standardization of the measurement conditions is important for maximizing the reliability and repeatability of the results.

Here are some aspects to follow:

  1. Skeletal muscles and tendons should be measured at full rest (EMG signal silent);
  2. Preferably, the subject should be in a lying position to ensure full relaxation and consistent repeatability between sessions.
  3. Schedule measurement sessions before, rather than after, any interventions or physical exercise.
  4. Conduct measurements at room temperature for optimal results;
  5. Ensure consistent identification of anatomical measurement points in interest;
  6. Avoid physical contact with the tissue being measured (except the device probe);
  7. Avoid distractions during the measurement;
  8. Avoid tight clothing which may influence results;
  9. Minimize direct contact with the subject, allowing only necessary contact for operator and device stabilization;
  10. Make sure the device probe is held perpendicular to the skin surface;
  11. Ensure the device is gently held with both hands for optimal stabilization.