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Feyer  posted 19 days ago
what is the price for die MyotonPRO?
Thank you and best regards.
Alastair McLoughlin

Menstrual cycle and Myoton measurements

Alastair McLoughlin  posted 4 days ago
Has anyone noticed changes in tissue tension or relaxation of the tissues being measured in women during their period of ovulatory or menstrual phases?
Would measurements using the Myoton reflect changes in projected readings due to oedema (fluid retention) during these phases of a woman's cycle?
Has this even been measured or factored in to results- especially on abdominal tissues?
The link to some research I found, shows that strength is affected due to higher levels of oestrogen at mid-cycle.
Have the effects of the hormone 'Relaxin' been factored into anyone's research results conducted on women, just after ovulation? Would Relaxin noticeably affect Myoton measurements?
Thanks for any comments.

Alastair McLoughlin

C-section scar results

Alastair McLoughlin  posted 8 days ago
We have just concluded a feasibility study into the effects of treatment for C-section scars.
If I may impose on your time, I am having just a little difficulty interpreting the results, and would like your expertise to assist me.
From the PDF file I have attached, it seems that all 5 parameters of measurement show changes in the scar tissue. 
Frequency Hz, Stiffness N/m and Relaxation ms show improvement but Decrement (plasticity) and Creep have increased. If I am correct this means that although the tissue is more relaxed it keeps it's shape better when being stretched.
Forgive me for my lack of understanding, but just seek some guidance from you to understand what these numbers signify.
With appreciation.
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