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Aleko Peipsi

Join the Myoton Community Forum!

Aleko Peipsi  posted 10 days ago
Dear MyotonPRO user!
Exciting news for all MyotonPRO palpation device users and researchers! Myoton has launched a brand-new community forum dedicated to connecting MyotonPRO device users worldwide. Whether you're an experienced user, an academic or clinical researcher, a medical practitioner, or even just considering the acquisition of the MyotonPRO device for your new research on soft biological tissues, this forum is your go-to platform.
Direct communication between users helps to increase awareness about the versatility of the palpation device, build up knowledge about its wide range of applications, learn about results interpretation, and consider its practicality as the emerging new standard for soft tissue assessments.

Why Join the Myoton Community Forum?
Share Experiences: From breakthrough discoveries to minor challenges, share your experience and learn from others.
Ask Questions: Unsure about specific applications, features, or limitations, or want some tips on how to achieve the highest reliability, or how best to prepare efficient measurement collection? The community is here to help.
Provide Support: Are you an expert user with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the device or software? Help fellow users by answering their questions, offering guidance, and providing solutions.
Stay Updated: Be the first to know about news, updates, new features, or offers related to the MyotonPRO device.
Direct Interaction with the Myoton Team:
Have specific questions or concerns? The Myoton team is actively present in the forum, ready to assist and provide insights. Your queries will not only get authoritative answers but will also contribute to building a comprehensive knowledge base for the community. Over time, this will evolve into an invaluable FAQ, making the Myoton experience smoother and more informed for everyone.
The Myoton team eagerly anticipates user feedback and fresh ideas regarding potential enhancements to our device or software. We're keen to understand which aspects you appreciate and which areas you believe require improvement. Your insights on the functionalities and suggestions for enhancing or simplifying the user interfaces are extremely valuable and serve as crucial input for further product development.
Building a strong, supportive community is essential for all of us — users, clients, and product developers alike. With the Myoton Community Forum, users can not only troubleshoot and learn but also celebrate each other's successes and milestones.

Join to the Community!
If you're passionate about the Myoton palpation solution or simply curious to learn more, there's no better time to join the conversation. Together, let's make this forum an invaluable resource for all.

Aleko Peipsi
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