The default impulse time of 15 ms is suitable for all tissue structures with a thickness above 5 mm and a stiffness below 500 N/m. A decrease in impulse time is necessary for stiffer less compliant tissue structures (i.e. tendons, ligaments).

With the aim of improving tissue response to the measurement impulse, the latest model MyotonPRO 1B automatically reduces impulse time for stiffer tissue structures as follows:

  • 15 ms, standard impulse time – Suitable for tissue structures such as adipose tissue and skeletal muscles with a Stiffness (S) below 500 N/m;
  • 13 ms – S 500 N/m…700 N/m;
  • 10 ms – S 700 N/m…1400 N/m;
  • 7 ms – S 1400 N/m…2000 N/m.

The previous MyotonPRO model allows for manual reduction of impulse time (also known as Tap time). The above mentioned values should be taken into consideration.